The Friendly Farmer quest is one of the Routine Quests in the Quests. The Friendly Farmer quest consists of several stages.


  • Picture Perfect - You and Your friends have great farms, take some pictures of them and show off. Take 1 picture and post it.
  • With A Little Help From My Frienids - Share the wealth, ask your friends to help harvest your farm 2 times.
  • Helping Hand - When friends need help, you're there! Help your friends with their harvests 10 times.
  • Very Gifted - Friends help orchards grow. Accept 10 gifts from your friends.
  • Gifting Guru - Gifts make your friends happy and save rainforest, totally win-win. Earn this award when your friends accept 10 gifts.
  • Top Tender - It takes a village to raise a farm. Help ten 10 friends' farms.

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